T. Lee Jones

T. Lee Jones: Notary Public, Enrolled Agent, Registered Agent, Associate Partner/Manager, Accountant/Auditor

T. Lee Jones, Enrolled Agent has been the Resident Agent, Associate Partner, Accountant, Auditor (A-133 Specialist), and Management Consultant, for Rudolph R. Jones, CPA & Associates, intermittently since January 1, 1998; the accounting firm of which he was a co-founder.

In light of the fact that he attended and matriculated in Mathematics, Accounting and Accounting related subjects, at Southeastern University in the District of Columbia, and at Morehouse and Georgia Tech Colleges in Atlanta, GA, T. Lee Jones is the End-Product of the United States of America Education System. And as such, Rudolph R. Jones, CPA & Associates is enthusiastically awaiting his acceptance of a permanent position as Associate Partner; so as to test the (Education) system’s efficiency and effectiveness.

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