Harriett V. Lyon

Harriett V. Lyon, Notary Public, CFO, Associate Partner, Senior Tax Accountant

Harriett V. Lyon is the Chief Financial Officer and Senior Tax Accountant at Rudolph R. Jones, CPA & Associates; the accounting firm of which she was a co-founder in 1998. Harriett V. Lyon attended and matriculated in accounting and accounting related subjects at both the University of the District of Columbia and George Washington University in Washington, DC. Her life long working/studying as a civil servant (over thirty years in the Federal Government), gave her the mental confidence to become a consummate expert in most accounting and accounting related matters. And, as a result, she is able to:

  • Provide expert advice in most specialized areas of accounting. For example, she is capable of: determining accounting system adequacy; analyzing complex operating accounting systems, including recommending systems improvements, and providing solutions to program management problems.
  • Monitor accounting internal control programs, identify problem areas and develop solutions to improve operating program effectiveness.
  • Conduct financial analyses, and/or investigations of major public and/or private sector entities.
  • Review, analyze, and validate industry financial data; develop segments of surveys and systems for gathering and analyzing data; and resolve accounting discrepancies in reported data.
  • Resolve problems, develop policies, review legislation and regulations, and develop regulations and guidelines for program users.
  • Provide advice to financial and program managers and other accountants on unusual and difficult accounting systems and/or operations’ problems.
  • Develop procedural manuals, methods, and directives.

    Because of her Core Skills and Abilities, Harriett V. Lyon:

  • Is skilled at analyzing information on performance outcomes and is also skilled at the evaluation of most data.
  • Has the ability to work simultaneously and independently on multiple tasks with varying deadlines and complexities.
  • Has the ability to work with others in the development of any analytical methodology; particularly, when incorporating various data sources and policy analysis, for accounting and accounting related matters.
  • Has the ability to analyze information, trends and issues. Note: from the analyzed information, she can produce clear, concise and effective written materials.
  • Has the ability to interpret complex laws, policies, regulations and standards as they apply to Federal, State, and Local Government programs. Including, but not limited to the knowledge of Government accounting principles, practices and theories. And also, she has the know how of generally accepted accounting practices, as they relate to funding, budgeting, planning, and the forecasting of various systems and procedures.

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